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Finally a complete guide for those with Celiac Disease or those living a 100% gluten free lifestyle.

This eCourse is designed to help you find your gluten free Groove. It is more than just the food. There are a lot of emotions and setbacks that try to hold you down... 

Free yourself from the negativity... even the lies that others may be telling you. 

Perhaps that you are even telling yourself.

Get feeling your best and

enjoy this Gluten Free Journey! 

Can't wait to see you in the chatroom in each module! 

What is this Course all about?

  • Understand what celiac disease is and glutens' important role in food

  • Learn what is safe to eat and how to mentally prepare yourself for this gluten free life

  • Get emotionally on board and find yourself more positive and ready to take on life in a gluten filled world

  • Amazing print outs, to help you function as well as your friends and family

  • Learn how to transition your home to be a safe place for you

  • Learn how to tell others: friends, neighbors, teachers, chefs and servers

  • Tools to help your family be on board

  • Ultimately... help you become the best YOU even with or should I say especially with CELIAC DISEASE!!!

'I Just finished the eCourse and have been blown away! I thought I knew a lot about Celiac's and gluten free living, but now I feel so much more prepared and supported. Highly recommend this course' 


'This Course is exactly what someone with celiac disease needs to feel informed, confident and successful in their new journey. There's no one I trust more than Serving Celiacs!'


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