My Favorite GF Treats Printable

I have had so many requests to create this gem! Isn't it awesome when people genuinely want to do something nice for you???

Although, it's a daunting task for those without celiac disease to know what is safe for you or your loved one to eat!  This card was created to help you provide a little inside of what is safe, what brands are safe and what are some of your favorite treats!

I find that so many people actually care! I know sometimes celiac disease can feel so isolating. Like why does this whole world revolve around food... food that I can't eat! I get it... I live it too. 3 out of the 6 people in my home have celiac disease. So when you think you are alone in this, let me tell you- you are not. I may not physically be close to you... but man is my heart just right there with you! I get it... it's hard!!


Your friends and family that don't live a gluten free life... so don't expect them to know everything that you can or can not eat! I can hardly keep it straight and I have done this for years now... so be kind and be patient...


But there is nothing better than somebody going out of their way to make sure that you have something to eat or some kind of treat to enjoy! I am here to remind you that there are good people out there... like amazing people! I wish I would have thought of this years ago after being asked by countless teachers, church leaders, neighbors and friends 'what are safe snacks or treats for you?'


Well, now when someone asks... it will not be a problem... no problem at all... print this card out and have it handy, especially when the new school year hits or when kids are on a new sports team. I had my girls fill this out a few times and then I also took a picture of it with my phone to quick reference to or text it to someone when they have asked!


For more resources like this one and to coach you through some of the toughest emotions of Celiac Disease head over to the Celiac Coach eCourse!