How To Function When You Are 'Glutened'

Let's get real...gluten free living is tough, but so are you! I'm thrilled to have my dear friend, Jamee Andelin, on today's podcast. Jamee is a mom, a wife, and a life coach who loves teaching and empowering others, and today she's sharing her wisdom with all of us.

In this episode she talks about how to coach yourself through some of the toughest emotions that come with living a 100% gluten free life, including what to do when you have been glutened and how to handle situations where people just do not understand. Click below to listen in and join the conversation at Serving Celiacs Instagram and Facebook.

Jamee Andelin: By day, I am a Life Coach. I am an expert in teaching members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints how to find joy and pleasure in their everyday simple lives. I have a podcast where I share amazing tips and tools that can be applied immediately.

And a mom of 4 kids by night. My daughter is an author, and then I have 3 sons-a musician, a scientist, and my youngest is a super hero! And I've been married for almost 18 years-so I do feel like I have some experience under my belt and people are starting to listen to me when I share marriage advice...... 

Coaching with Jamee Podcast

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