Learn To Be A Natural In the Kitchen

Does cooking intimidate you like it does me??

Today I ran into a long time Facebook friend and I just had to hop on and record our conversation because her tips and knowledge were just that amazing!

She not only is incredible in the kitchen but when you hear what she does to help pay it forward in the world, you are going to just love her more! On today's episode, I welcome Sandra Clark Jergensen, sharing her mission to help home cooks become more natural in the kitchen, focusing on doable, simple and seasonal recipes with a minimal effort. She teaches online and in person classes and is also a recipe developer, which is exactly the kind of person I need in my life!

"Hi, I’m Sandra.
Are you frustrated, bored or out of ideas that will really work in your kitchen?
Do you wish you could cook seasonal, wholesome food that fits into your busy life?
You can cook fantastic, fresh, and flexible food without boat loads of time or agony in planning, shopping, and prep.
Learn how cook like a natural. Start exactly where you are with exactly what you have.

You’re in the right place."

Sandra firmly believes anyone can cook like a natural, feeling comfortable and confident in the kitchen, creating simple, wholesome, and really tasty food. She's helped hundreds of home cooks from 4 to 80 years old discover possibilities and flexibility in their own kitchens through her online course, Savvy Kitchen School, recipes, and cooking classes. She's a pro cooking teacher, recipe developer, and the founder of The Kitchen Natural. Sandra's been featured academic journals to design blogs, including Gastronomica, Apartment Therapy, The Huffington Post, and Design Mom. She craves a good vinyasa and bike ride with her family in her Nor Cal hometown, Davis.

Sandra is so incredible at adapting each recipe to make it exciting for ALL to eat. I am so excited that she is sharing her yummy Cocoa Banana Waffles with us! Check out her 'Bonus Points' section within the recipe. These tips are priceless!

Click here for her upcoming free cooking class sign up: https://thekitchennatural.com/salt-class/

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