The 4 things your doctor doesn’t have the time tell you about Celiac disease

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

✨In this podcast you are going to here from basically "my celiac bestie" and registered dietician Erin (since she has Celiac Disease herself, we know we can trust her) and she is going to help educate and share resources with us all. ✨

👩‍🏫 She is one of the most educated and well researched dietitians in the field of celiac disease and she will go over the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions such as

✅ The importance of a multivitamin and mineral

✅ How dairy impacts the body

✅ What it takes to heal your gut

✅ Why hydration is important and much much more

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Hey everyone you guys I am here with the lovely Erin from the

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Celiac space you guys Erin. How are you? Hey, whoo. Hey. Oh, hello everybody

00:01:07.860 --> 00:01:10.919

I'm so happy to be on here Thank You coral for inviting me

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Holy smokes, it's always a pleasure every time we talk

00:01:14.610 --> 00:01:21.029

I'm like are we besties I know are we just early just like celiac soul sisters, probably. Yes

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Yes, we knew each other from before

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um, okay, Erin

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Introduce yourself. Tell us who you are what you do? Yeah, so I am Erin. I am registered dietitian. I

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Live in California and Texas kind of bouncing around a little bit. I

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work with celiac specific people

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I also get some people with autoimmune diseases as we know they're always coupled to celiac. So, um

00:01:48.009 --> 00:01:52.619

Take some people like that too. But really just working with celiacs to help educate them

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About a gluten-free diet and how to really thrive as a celiac. You know, it's such a it's such a specific

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Diet and a treatment for a disease and that's where a dietitian really comes into play

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so, um

00:02:07.020 --> 00:02:13.380

I have celiac myself and I have the training of a dietitian and just like the life training of being a celiac and like

00:02:13.930 --> 00:02:15.840

Navigating all there is to it

00:02:15.840 --> 00:02:18.119

um, so with that, you know

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I kind of piece those things together to help people in this community and just help educate and provide resources for everyone. I

00:02:25.300 --> 00:02:28.739

Love it. My favorite thing is that you're a registered

00:02:29.469 --> 00:02:35.439

Dietician and you have celiac disease like that. Combo is like, okay now we can trust you

00:02:35.569 --> 00:02:42.128

You know, I feel like there's so many misconceptions of celiac disease. I feel like oftentimes when I'm going to the doctor

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I'm going somewhere and like I have to educate them and it's like okay, you know it we're like safe now

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Yeah, tell me what do I do?

00:02:49.489 --> 00:02:55.089

Right and it's crazy because I get so many people who are like, oh I saw a dietitian, but you know, she was cool

00:02:55.099 --> 00:03:00.699

But like she wasn't as helpful as she could have been or like wasn't as helpful as I expected or in some cases they educated

00:03:00.700 --> 00:03:01.910

them and

00:03:01.910 --> 00:03:03.910

Unfortunately, you know as a dietitian

00:03:03.910 --> 00:03:08.979

There's so much to learn and our schooling is so extensive that celiac disease isn't covered that much

00:03:08.980 --> 00:03:11.769

So you have to really research it on your own and live the life

00:03:12.200 --> 00:03:18.819

But having the training of being a registered dietician and the clinical experience and all that give me the backbone to like

00:03:19.670 --> 00:03:27.309

Format everything and kind of build off that foundation. But, you know being a celiac with you know, the background totally helps

00:03:27.310 --> 00:03:28.030

Oh, yeah

00:03:28.030 --> 00:03:32.619

I'm happy to give people the safe space which is kind of why I started the celiac space just to be like a

00:03:32.900 --> 00:03:38.079

place where people can really feel like they're getting quality information and like being helped and cared for

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Where you know there's not many other places for them. Yes. I I'm like I feel you

00:03:45.170 --> 00:03:52.569

The lonely world if you haven't reached out and you don't have that help and wow, you're here to help. I love that

00:03:52.569 --> 00:03:56.529

I love that. Okay. So what does it mean to be a dietitian?

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so a

00:03:59.209 --> 00:04:02.469

Dietitian and nutritionist sometimes are used in the same

00:04:02.870 --> 00:04:06.220

But they're not so first a nutritionist really

00:04:06.709 --> 00:04:11.259

It doesn't it means that they might know about nutrition, but it's not like a credentialed thing

00:04:26.510 --> 00:04:33.489

Nutritionist isn't a certification or a qualification necessarily. It doesn't mean that they went to school or anything like that

00:04:34.070 --> 00:04:39.669

Anyone can really call himself a nutritionist. Whereas a dietitian they have their degree from like a four-year university

00:04:40.849 --> 00:04:48.699

In nutrition or Dietetics and then on top of that they went to another year plus of school and like an internship to do

00:04:49.190 --> 00:04:55.540

clinical hours and like hands on a lot of hours and big projects and that kind of stuff so

00:04:56.600 --> 00:05:01.299

After that, and they sit and take the test and then their dietician. So a dietitian has been in school

00:05:02.000 --> 00:05:03.980

specifically studying nutrition

00:05:03.980 --> 00:05:09.369

Diseases diets all that stuff for at least probably five or six years until they can become a dietician

00:05:09.370 --> 00:05:12.040

so Wow, that's what a dietician a

00:05:12.770 --> 00:05:14.180

dietician is

00:05:14.180 --> 00:05:20.650

You know someone that really specializes in diet and understands like the body and disease states and all that fun stuff

00:05:21.380 --> 00:05:23.890

Yeah. Oh man. I love it

00:05:24.110 --> 00:05:29.800

Your education is so intense and I just love that you've been able to learn so much and such a variety

00:05:30.620 --> 00:05:34.750

So you have such a base. So a lot of times like you mentioned you working with other autoimmune diseases

00:05:34.750 --> 00:05:38.290

It's not always just one, you know generally have one

00:05:38.870 --> 00:05:43.090

autoimmune disease you have multiple see we're really able to adapt and you can't

00:05:43.280 --> 00:05:46.809

Know how to adapt unless you've really studied it and so you take in that

00:05:47.570 --> 00:05:52.299

groundwork out for so many people to pay it forward to help them and I know it like

00:05:52.430 --> 00:05:56.530

we've talked before and it's like I'm even gonna cry I cry for silly things me like

00:05:56.840 --> 00:06:02.859

Like our heart and soul is into this like we want to help people be their best selves and like that's why I do it

00:06:02.860 --> 00:06:07.930

that's why I help coach people through with the celiac eCourse and that's why I like I mean we've even teamed up on

00:06:08.870 --> 00:06:11.679

collaborating cuz they're like with my expertise of just like

00:06:11.930 --> 00:06:17.380

Knowing how to coach someone be their number one cheerleader and Tom they can live this life their best gluten-free life

00:06:17.380 --> 00:06:21.519

And then you're like and these are the exact tools that you specifically need

00:06:21.520 --> 00:06:27.280

Like this is what your life is going to look like like this is how you formulate it for you and I'm like, huh?

00:06:27.470 --> 00:06:30.489

We're like the powerhouse team. I feel like yeah

00:06:31.100 --> 00:06:32.020

I know

00:06:32.020 --> 00:06:38.109

Such it should like just I hope people know that like there is support for you and like there is such cool things like you

00:06:38.110 --> 00:06:42.790

Have the tools you just have to reach out for them and like ask for the help and really invest in

00:06:42.790 --> 00:06:50.200

You know your time to like make yourself thrive, you know be positive and you know, you'll be you'll be just fine ya know

00:06:50.200 --> 00:06:52.200

There's a lot of life fit in

00:06:52.280 --> 00:06:55.479

Positivity that is kin. Yeah. Okay, so

00:06:56.120 --> 00:06:59.830

We are gonna hear from you today. You have the four things

00:07:00.520 --> 00:07:05.350

That your doctor probably doesn't have time to tell you about celiac disease. Yep. That's huge

00:07:05.350 --> 00:07:08.439

and I before we even start I just want to tell you that like I

00:07:09.919 --> 00:07:15.038

Was on that side like my doctor told me to Google select is I'm scared, you know

00:07:15.169 --> 00:07:19.508

Did you find just google it you see gluten-free, like you'll learn about it

00:07:19.509 --> 00:07:24.009

And I'm like what the heck and I googled it and oh, yeah, that's all for this podcast

00:07:24.009 --> 00:07:28.029

But that was really really hard and that's what so many people are being told

00:07:28.030 --> 00:07:34.269

And so that is why having a dietician to help you is so key. So here we go turning the time over to you

00:07:34.729 --> 00:07:38.319

Yeah, so doctors are busy people as we know

00:07:39.500 --> 00:07:41.120

They are

00:07:41.120 --> 00:07:43.179

So smart, they help us with our diagnosis

00:07:43.180 --> 00:07:44.259

They help us with our medications

00:07:44.259 --> 00:07:50.469

But they don't always have time to go through the diet component of it and the lifestyle stuff and they probably don't have celiac

00:07:50.470 --> 00:07:52.470

So they probably haven't had lived it

00:07:53.270 --> 00:07:57.310

So it takes a lot of time to kind of get educated and learn about it

00:07:57.310 --> 00:08:03.280

So there's four things that I always talk about that you might not know if you know post diagnosis

00:08:03.280 --> 00:08:08.919

So the first is just that cross-contamination or it's technically called cross contact

00:08:09.590 --> 00:08:11.590

it matters and

00:08:12.080 --> 00:08:17.560

Cross contact is basically if a gluten food touches a non gluten item

00:08:18.110 --> 00:08:24.250

It's now that gluten-free item is no longer gluten free for a celiac so it's been exposed to gluten

00:08:24.590 --> 00:08:26.709

and that's enough to make us sick and

00:08:28.310 --> 00:08:31.359

Even though you might not experience a whole lot of symptoms, you know

00:08:31.360 --> 00:08:33.550

You might be able to push through it just a little bit amount

00:08:34.430 --> 00:08:39.430

That still causes an autoimmune reaction and that still causes symptoms and long-term complications

00:08:39.560 --> 00:08:42.760

so that's totally something that we have to avoid and

00:08:44.270 --> 00:08:49.479

There's a lot of great resources that kind of help explain what you know where cross contact happens

00:08:49.480 --> 00:08:53.920

I'm a lot of times in a kitchen or you know restaurants is where we experience it a lot

00:08:55.070 --> 00:08:57.020

Biggest example is like the toaster

00:08:57.020 --> 00:09:01.270

So if you were to take a piece of gluten-free bread and you put it in a regular toaster

00:09:01.430 --> 00:09:06.789

It's now touching so much crumbs so many things it's bait. It's not safe anymore. I

00:09:07.370 --> 00:09:12.010

always tell people think of it like raw chicken, like if you're in your kitchen cooking raw chicken and

00:09:12.510 --> 00:09:17.999

You have raw chicken on your hands like anything you touch. You're like, ooh, like there's like dirt like there's stuff on it

00:09:18.610 --> 00:09:19.470

We're all chicken

00:09:19.470 --> 00:09:25.079

You can cook off and you can clean off gluten you can't but it's the same thing that anything that touches gluten is

00:09:25.810 --> 00:09:27.810

Now no longer gluten free

00:09:28.090 --> 00:09:31.379

So that's the first thing. Okay. Can I just say please?

00:09:31.380 --> 00:09:37.049

Um, I ran into somebody once and they were like, yeah, I love your raw chicken. That's a lot cleaner of you

00:09:37.390 --> 00:09:41.910

All right and image in my head because someone was like no think of it like poop

00:09:43.960 --> 00:09:46.530

You never would clean it off you're like, oh here you go

00:09:47.230 --> 00:09:49.320

Yeah, you would never eat that. No

00:09:50.020 --> 00:09:56.759

No, not like nothing. So like you're eating like I just thought yeah there gives you a better visual. Yes

00:09:56.760 --> 00:10:00.179

No, that's a good one. And I always tell people to I get the question all the time

00:10:00.580 --> 00:10:02.140

Do you ever miss?

00:10:02.140 --> 00:10:08.369

Such-and-such, and I'm like someone could give you your favorite food ever like this beautiful chocolate cake

00:10:08.440 --> 00:10:13.020

But if they had raw chicken on it or poop and they're like you're for sure gonna get sick

00:10:13.020 --> 00:10:18.059

Are you gonna enjoy eating that no way so it doesn't matter what it is. If you know, you're gonna get sick

00:10:18.060 --> 00:10:20.460

It's not adorable to eat. So yeah, yeah

00:10:21.190 --> 00:10:22.540


00:10:22.540 --> 00:10:24.540

OOP brought chicken whatever you want to call

00:10:25.300 --> 00:10:30.419

Whatever your mind needs to do to get you through it. Like I'm not tempted. Let's do it. That's what it is

00:10:31.810 --> 00:10:38.820

Okay, let's hear you're number two. Okay. Number two gluten free does not automatically equal healthy, so

00:10:39.340 --> 00:10:44.129

gluten free is essential for celiac to be healthy, but there's so many like

00:10:44.650 --> 00:10:50.579

trends and fads out there that are promising a gluten-free diet for weight loss or a gluten-free diet to you know,

00:10:50.710 --> 00:10:52.889

Improve your skin and such and such

00:10:53.440 --> 00:10:59.940

And a lot of gluten-free products are more processed than the regular thing so that it can taste good

00:11:00.520 --> 00:11:06.989

So they're adding extra stuff in it, and they're not adding a lot of vitamins and minerals that they do add to normal bread

00:11:07.210 --> 00:11:12.780

so like nice and iron folate all those things that are fortified in standard breads and cereals

00:11:13.510 --> 00:11:19.499

Aren't added to gluten-free foods. So you're adding a bunch of junk. You're not adding the good stuff that they should be

00:11:20.680 --> 00:11:21.790


00:11:21.790 --> 00:11:25.439

you could be eating gluten-free Oreos and cookies and

00:11:25.980 --> 00:11:29.039

Waffles and all that stuff and you're probably still not gonna feel great

00:11:29.530 --> 00:11:35.190

You're probably still gonna have some fatigue and some other issues just because you're not really fueling your body with nutrients

00:11:35.190 --> 00:11:39.449

So gluten free products have come a long way. Thank goodness. And

00:11:40.480 --> 00:11:42.060

every food fits in a healthy diet

00:11:42.060 --> 00:11:47.699

But you don't want the staples and the main part of your diet to be those processed food items

00:11:47.800 --> 00:11:55.440

So making sure you're like filling up your plate with whole wholesome gluten-free stuff. So all your meats all your veggies all your fruits

00:11:56.350 --> 00:11:58.560

starches juice like potatoes and corn

00:11:59.290 --> 00:12:03.300

rice quinoa all those things are still really important for a celiac so

00:12:03.880 --> 00:12:11.669

Focusing on a healthy gluten-free diet is is really important and not just doing a swap of gluten free products to packaged

00:12:12.190 --> 00:12:16.259

Packet today, right? Because those packaged foods when you put in so many fillers

00:12:16.260 --> 00:12:21.240

it's like all those are gonna they're gonna inflame you right you're gonna be

00:12:22.030 --> 00:12:26.040

You're you're not gonna be digesting food properly and then you're gonna have similar symptoms

00:12:26.680 --> 00:12:31.919

Like you're eating gluten and so you're like hey, how come I'm eating gluten free and I'm still sick like ah, my friend

00:12:36.220 --> 00:12:37.470


00:12:37.470 --> 00:12:39.660

so you still want to be eating like food and

00:12:40.420 --> 00:12:43.740

You know bread and cookies and that stuff that's still if it's in a diet

00:12:44.380 --> 00:12:51.149

But just don't think oh that I'm now I'm eating gluten free cookies. That's healthy. I can eat that breakfast lunch and dinner, right?

00:12:51.160 --> 00:12:53.670

No, no, you wear your Whole Foods. I

00:12:55.120 --> 00:12:57.120

love that good and

00:12:57.670 --> 00:12:58.990


00:12:58.990 --> 00:13:00.990

one two number three

00:13:01.180 --> 00:13:06.479

So now that you are a celiac and you probably went through a period of you know

00:13:06.480 --> 00:13:08.969

Getting sick and having all this inflammation in your body

00:13:09.550 --> 00:13:12.180

You have different nutrient needs than before

00:13:12.520 --> 00:13:16.020

so a lot of times there's malabsorption which just means you can't

00:13:16.120 --> 00:13:24.029

You know your stomach and your gut your intestines really are so inflamed so damaged you're not properly absorbing vitamins and minerals

00:13:24.340 --> 00:13:28.050

And a lot of times calories which is why people lose weight and they become malnourished

00:13:29.500 --> 00:13:31.030


00:13:31.030 --> 00:13:32.650

now that

00:13:32.650 --> 00:13:36.690

You know your gut is is so damaged you have increased nutrient needs

00:13:36.880 --> 00:13:40.890

So some of the big ones that we received efficiencies are iron calcium

00:13:41.470 --> 00:13:44.670

vitamin D zinc the B vitamins and folate

00:13:45.370 --> 00:13:48.479

And all those are so important for health a lot of times

00:13:48.480 --> 00:13:52.200

That's why celiacs get you know, headaches and tingling in their hands and their feet

00:13:52.480 --> 00:13:58.560

Those are all related to vitamin C deficiencies that are caused by celiac. They're not necessarily caused by the gluten

00:13:58.560 --> 00:14:00.560

It's like a secondary reaction

00:14:00.670 --> 00:14:07.229

So I always recommend you go to your doctor and get regular blood tests to see if you're soakin exposed to gluten

00:14:07.230 --> 00:14:09.230

but also to check those

00:14:09.459 --> 00:14:14.939

Levels of vitamins and minerals and it's really important that if you are so low on that

00:14:15.190 --> 00:14:20.399

Even though it you might be eating a wonderful healthy full balanced all you know, great diet

00:14:20.680 --> 00:14:26.609

You could still be experiencing some symptoms and some deficiencies. So in that case you would need a supplement and

00:14:27.399 --> 00:14:30.449

That's something that is super individualized. You know, there's no

00:14:32.740 --> 00:14:35.039

One-size-fits-all like supplement routine a

00:14:35.709 --> 00:14:38.939

Multivitamin is a good is a good like insurance policy

00:14:38.940 --> 00:14:44.099

But sometimes celiacs will need more than what's in the multivitamin because they're not absorbing at all

00:14:44.279 --> 00:14:49.648

So the multivitamin might give you a hundred percent of your daily needs, but you're only absorbing 30 percent

00:14:50.140 --> 00:14:54.419

So you might still be feeling sick because you're anemic because you're not absorbing iron

00:14:54.940 --> 00:14:59.099

And that takes time for your gut to fully heal before you can you know

00:14:59.100 --> 00:15:05.130

Bring those levels back up and there's some people who have a factory celiac disease, which means never fully heals

00:15:05.560 --> 00:15:11.520

and in those cases those individuals need to take more extreme measures, but kind of the

00:15:12.399 --> 00:15:14.849

Overarching thing is your nutrient needs are different than before

00:15:14.860 --> 00:15:19.770

So before you could have gotten away with just eating a standard diet and taking multivitamin now

00:15:20.290 --> 00:15:23.130

While your gut heals you're gonna need more vitamins and minerals

00:15:24.100 --> 00:15:27.810

That's awesome. What do you what do you tell people about dairy I get asked that a lot

00:15:28.990 --> 00:15:31.979

Yeah, so that feeds into number four, so

00:15:32.680 --> 00:15:38.820

The fourth thing is cut out gluten might not be enough and dairy is a huge a huge one

00:15:38.820 --> 00:15:45.119

So a lot of people let's say they're totally fine on their cross contact and they're eating a healthy gluten-free diet

00:15:45.120 --> 00:15:50.010

They're taking the supplements for them, but they're still gassy and blody and they still migraines

00:15:51.670 --> 00:15:54.249

And they eat they just don't feel good

00:15:54.889 --> 00:15:59.258

There other people have sensitivities to specific things and the most common one is dairy

00:15:59.269 --> 00:16:04.568

So a lot of my celiac clients we take out dairy from their diet then they feel much better

00:16:05.209 --> 00:16:08.258

Sometimes they can tolerate small amounts of dairy or they can tolerate

00:16:08.779 --> 00:16:14.409

You know whey, which is like a protein and dairy and they're sensitive to lactose. Some people are sensitive to all dairy

00:16:15.049 --> 00:16:16.279


00:16:16.279 --> 00:16:22.418

Addressing, you know through elimination diet, which is what I do a lot with clients and that takes time to do going through

00:16:22.429 --> 00:16:27.999

You know, do you have sensitivity to dairy soy lagoons corn oats fructose?

00:16:29.480 --> 00:16:31.009

artificial sweeteners

00:16:31.009 --> 00:16:37.238

Those are all really common ones that you kind of have to address with each person. So that's not something that I say

00:16:37.239 --> 00:16:42.489

Okay, as a celiac now you need to cut out all these food groups. That's not gonna leave you feeling great

00:16:43.329 --> 00:16:44.509


00:16:44.509 --> 00:16:46.539

nourished so it's really just

00:16:47.269 --> 00:16:51.578

Individualized but dairy is a big one that you know a lot of celiac feel better

00:16:51.579 --> 00:16:58.269

Once they remove which is why it's so great. Now I see so many gluten-free and dairy food products, which is wonderful

00:16:58.279 --> 00:17:02.798

There's a lot of good dairy-free alternatives out there, which makes it a lot easier on us

00:17:03.470 --> 00:17:04.779

Yes, I know

00:17:04.779 --> 00:17:11.919

I imagine like the people that have been the pioneers of celiac - oh my gosh and doing this even ten years ago like

00:17:12.470 --> 00:17:13.779

so much targer

00:17:13.779 --> 00:17:20.768

we're so blessed like so I'm so grateful for so many companies who have adapted and really changed their how they

00:17:21.199 --> 00:17:24.129

Manufacture things and making sure that it's safe. And then now

00:17:24.199 --> 00:17:30.158

adding that health factor like non GMOs and all of that like it's just so important that we

00:17:30.409 --> 00:17:33.309

Understand what we're putting into our body. So that's huge

00:17:33.860 --> 00:17:35.269

Yeah, okay

00:17:35.269 --> 00:17:38.049

So I have another question that says

00:17:39.019 --> 00:17:45.099

What do you recommend someone does when they've been gluten gluten? That's a tricky one, so

00:17:46.130 --> 00:17:52.510

Unfortunately, there isn't like a medication for it. There's not really anything that we can take to like make the gluten go away

00:17:53.720 --> 00:17:55.340


00:17:55.340 --> 00:18:00.250

Really the best thing to do is just kind of rest give yourself some time to kind of rest and recover

00:18:00.590 --> 00:18:05.829

to make sure you're hydrating to make sure you're eating because if you're like your guts are hurting I know it's

00:18:05.970 --> 00:18:07.330

for a lot of people

00:18:07.330 --> 00:18:14.789

To continue to eat. However, if you're not eating you're gonna be low-energy and lethargic and that's just gonna make you feel worse. So

00:18:16.000 --> 00:18:18.989

Rest hydrate drinking like some kind of peppermint tea

00:18:20.049 --> 00:18:24.299

The other thing is I always encourage people don't want celiac win

00:18:24.299 --> 00:18:29.369

So I know when you get sick you want to lay on the couch and curl up in a ball and hold your stomach

00:18:29.830 --> 00:18:35.100

But there's life to live and you still have to get out there and carry on and live your life

00:18:35.379 --> 00:18:41.819

Um, and sometimes just moving will help you be distracted from a little bit too. So doing your best to kind of carry on. Um,

00:18:42.429 --> 00:18:46.829

My biggest tip. This is helpful for the ladies men. I'm sorry. I can't help you here

00:18:47.649 --> 00:18:50.489

But wearing like a pair of high waist leggings

00:18:51.250 --> 00:18:54.089

So you like your stomach is like hugged like, you know?

00:18:54.090 --> 00:18:57.840

You just like when your guts hurt you just like want to hug them with like, okay

00:18:57.840 --> 00:19:02.850

So highways leggings and then I take those like hand warmers like the you know

00:19:02.850 --> 00:19:06.509

When it's cold outside like the shakable ones and I put them in my leggings. I

00:19:07.299 --> 00:19:11.099

Have like a walking hug heating pad on myself

00:19:11.860 --> 00:19:14.219

So that it's just like so much more comfortable

00:19:14.220 --> 00:19:20.939

It's like function because you have like you're not tied to a heating pad on the couch that's plugged in right you can

00:19:21.490 --> 00:19:25.589

Flip. Yeah, I love that super weird, but it's super helpful

00:19:25.600 --> 00:19:29.399

No, I've got it more than I wish I had to but yeah, yeah

00:19:29.399 --> 00:19:30.220

I bet

00:19:30.220 --> 00:19:32.970

one thing we like to do is we put essential oils like

00:19:33.039 --> 00:19:39.689

peppermint or a digestion or whatever whatever brand I'm using at the time and rubbing that on that helps soothe it too and just keep

00:19:39.970 --> 00:19:45.389

Moving and not just because it's so easy to stay home for a week poor me like right, right

00:19:45.389 --> 00:19:53.008

That's like but mentally what does that do for you? It's not serving you. So I love that you brought that up now. Um

00:19:53.769 --> 00:19:55.769

What do you think about charcoal?

00:19:56.409 --> 00:20:03.329

So the research on charcoal is it's not great. You know, it's still kind of a developing thing, especially for celiac

00:20:03.330 --> 00:20:07.860

So there is some research out there for like food sensitivities. Obviously, it's used for people

00:20:08.860 --> 00:20:15.389

To help them like vomit in severe cases, but for celiac like the evidence doesn't show that that's necessarily beneficial

00:20:15.909 --> 00:20:17.939

however, both charcoal and

00:20:18.610 --> 00:20:20.610

digestive enzyme

00:20:20.880 --> 00:20:22.880

Possibly have a placebo effect. So

00:20:23.430 --> 00:20:28.279

Placebo effects really they work if you take them and you believe they're gonna work and you're telling yourself

00:20:28.280 --> 00:20:30.280

I'm going to take these am going to feel better you

00:20:30.780 --> 00:20:32.250

Could feel better

00:20:32.250 --> 00:20:35.119

and to be honest if you have to

00:20:35.120 --> 00:20:40.160

You know stand on your head and spin 5 times around and that makes you feel better then do it

00:20:40.350 --> 00:20:46.399

So the research is like a little bit sketchy. But whatever you have to do to feel better do it, huh?

00:20:46.890 --> 00:20:49.070

And just don't sit on that couch and poor me

00:20:49.770 --> 00:20:52.220

You know relax for a little bit and give yourself some time

00:20:52.220 --> 00:20:58.850

But then continue to just get out and thrive because it can be a really deep dark place once you kind of slide into that

00:20:59.220 --> 00:21:02.839

so put on your pants put on your little heat pad and

00:21:03.480 --> 00:21:05.480

Girl pants. Yeah

00:21:06.180 --> 00:21:08.330

Well, I love that. I've never taken charcoal, but I

00:21:08.880 --> 00:21:12.380

Anytime like I mention anything about that on on my Instagram account or anything

00:21:12.450 --> 00:21:18.830

People always swear by charcoal and I just I haven't gotten into that yet. Um, but I wondered what your take was on that

00:21:18.830 --> 00:21:24.559

Thank you for addressing that if people if they say they take it and then helps them. Please take it go for it more

00:21:24.560 --> 00:21:26.250

Yeah, it's not gonna hurt them. So

00:21:26.250 --> 00:21:33.050

Ok, that's good to know. Yeah, awesome. Oh, man. Ok. So like what does it look like to work with you?

00:21:33.050 --> 00:21:35.149

So someone's just diagnosed with celiac disease

00:21:35.880 --> 00:21:42.260

What does that what does it look like walk through it walk through it. So I do a lot of video calls

00:21:42.260 --> 00:21:47.479

I like to see people's faces. I like to have an interaction. I think it's so important to have that human connection

00:21:47.520 --> 00:21:53.509

So we do a lot of video chats. We do some phone calls email. That's kind of how they contact me

00:21:53.510 --> 00:21:55.550

But really I'm just part of their support team

00:21:55.550 --> 00:22:00.619

So we go through their whole diet what it looks like we talk about possible areas of cross contamination

00:22:00.900 --> 00:22:03.320

We go through things like if they're still eating dairy

00:22:03.990 --> 00:22:07.790

soy seeing if there's anything like that that might be an issue for them and

00:22:08.850 --> 00:22:15.919

pulling things out adding things in it takes more than one session to really, you know decide what foods could be problematic and

00:22:16.590 --> 00:22:21.499

You know how to clean out your kitchen and then we sit around with the whole family if you're living with people and talk to

00:22:21.500 --> 00:22:26.270

The family because it's more than just one person. It's not just one person who has to live with celiac

00:22:26.270 --> 00:22:28.270

it's everyone in the house and

00:22:28.470 --> 00:22:33.399

The spouses and the kids and the friends and the family so talking with those people

00:22:33.890 --> 00:22:38.290

Talking to the client about how to talk to those people and explain their needs and advocate

00:22:38.420 --> 00:22:43.360

We do a lot of practicing at restaurants. So one of the biggest questions you will get is. How do I eat out?

00:22:43.360 --> 00:22:48.519

How do I talk to a server and not so nerve-racking? I still like sometimes get anxiety like that

00:22:48.520 --> 00:22:52.330

I need to talk to the server. So we just do a lot of role play which is so fun

00:22:53.210 --> 00:22:58.329

and we go through that so it really depends kind of on the client's needs and

00:22:58.940 --> 00:23:06.039

Just addressing the areas that they're struggling with and really just being a support system that person that they can text when they don't feel

00:23:06.040 --> 00:23:09.399

Good or when they have a question about a food product or they're trying to cook

00:23:09.560 --> 00:23:14.080

But their world is turned upside down because everything that they used to cook they can't cook anymore

00:23:14.240 --> 00:23:19.359

So I'm trying to make dinner for my family shoot what I make? Yeah, so hired

00:23:19.360 --> 00:23:25.149

Yeah, right so helped, so that's when they reach out to me and you know kind of walk them through that process

00:23:25.810 --> 00:23:29.679

and help them from being in a place of like confusion and isolation and

00:23:29.840 --> 00:23:36.069

Frustration to a place where it's just their normal life and they don't have that confusion anymore. They're thriving and

00:23:37.790 --> 00:23:42.340

There isn't a place where they fully understand their disease they fully understand how to manage it and

00:23:43.460 --> 00:23:49.329

They're just yeah, they're rocking their diagnosis. They're rocking their disease and it's not anything that's holding the back anymore

00:23:49.700 --> 00:23:53.289

So that's kind of the process to get them there. Okay?

00:23:53.290 --> 00:23:59.320

So how many sessions does that normally take to get them to that point of like they feel confident in themselves and what they're doing?

00:23:59.720 --> 00:24:01.720

yeah, so

00:24:01.820 --> 00:24:09.100

We do like a month-to-month basis, but we do weekly check-ins. So there's a lot of weekly check-ins in between the time from like

00:24:09.680 --> 00:24:15.970

Diagnosis or like shortly after diagnosis. I get some people who they've been diagnosed like three years and they're like

00:24:15.970 --> 00:24:18.370

I still haven't gotten help like I'm still not thriving

00:24:18.590 --> 00:24:23.980

And I'm like, I'm happy like let's let's take care of it now before it's been six years and you're still not driving

00:24:23.980 --> 00:24:25.990

you know the sooner the better, but

00:24:27.260 --> 00:24:31.660

For for a lot of people. It's usually at least a few months just to you know have

00:24:32.270 --> 00:24:36.100

That person that they can call because so much life happens

00:24:36.230 --> 00:24:39.099

you know for I work with a lot of kids too and

00:24:39.590 --> 00:24:45.880

With kids. It's like how do you navigate soccer season and then in summer time? So, how do you navigate day care?

00:24:45.880 --> 00:24:47.880

And now you back in school and how do you talk about?

00:24:48.190 --> 00:24:54.359

You know going to school with the teachers and the new classmates and now there's class parties. Oh and now it's Christmastime

00:24:54.700 --> 00:24:55.590

How do I do that?

00:24:55.590 --> 00:25:02.040

it's the kids birthday and it's their first time and now they're having a sleepover and there's so many things to navigate with that and

00:25:02.770 --> 00:25:04.090

You know

00:25:04.090 --> 00:25:10.890

You don't heal right away with celiac. It's not like you will go gluten-free and then you're perfectly fine. So

00:25:12.160 --> 00:25:19.079

It takes time and you need that support for for awhile. Which which is what I'm there for. That is awesome

00:25:19.530 --> 00:25:25.019

Yeah, I know. I'm like, I think you're like the training wheels. You're like wait, don't take them off yet. So can you be still?

00:25:26.560 --> 00:25:31.349

That's awesome. I love that. Um, so what's your favorite thing about

00:25:33.070 --> 00:25:36.840

Helping people with their lifestyle with their healthy lifestyle

00:25:37.750 --> 00:25:38.830

You know

00:25:38.830 --> 00:25:41.550

so I I've been a dietitian for a while and

00:25:41.710 --> 00:25:47.760

I used to work with more like athletes and people that want it's like lose weight and that stuff and that's still so much fun

00:25:47.760 --> 00:25:54.270

I still have like a big a big hobby in heart with that but there's a difference between helping people for like aesthetic goals or

00:25:54.370 --> 00:25:56.370

Helping them improve their for tea time

00:25:56.620 --> 00:25:59.849

We're helping them cut weight for a wrestling knee or something like that

00:26:00.190 --> 00:26:04.320

to helping people who are sick and to getting them better and just to see

00:26:05.020 --> 00:26:08.520

But people have transformation photos all the time on Instagram you'll see

00:26:09.070 --> 00:26:14.730

Like this weight and then I lost this much weight or whatever, but there's a transformation photo that you can see

00:26:14.730 --> 00:26:17.280

I think you've done one about your daughter. Um of

00:26:17.800 --> 00:26:21.779

Someone sit. I have the chills of someone sick and then someone feeling better

00:26:22.300 --> 00:26:27.419

Wow and so that's the transformation that I like so when I get my clients and they you know

00:26:27.420 --> 00:26:32.069

They come to me just so confused and so frustrated and I know where I'm gonna take them

00:26:32.530 --> 00:26:36.180

It just gives me so much joy knowing like they might not be confident in it

00:26:36.180 --> 00:26:41.399

But I know that they're gonna get to a better place and then once they finally get there being able to celebrate with them

00:26:42.070 --> 00:26:46.320

And that's just the best part that is like I'm my tearing up right now

00:26:46.870 --> 00:26:50.880

Because that's like that's what we said like this. This is why we do it and

00:26:51.550 --> 00:26:53.400

That's why I do serving celiacs

00:26:53.400 --> 00:26:57.329

Like I just want people to know that like you can do this

00:26:57.330 --> 00:27:03.230

You can live this life and raw like still live the best you like be the best person

00:27:03.960 --> 00:27:09.079

even with and especially with celiac disease and I just I think that we

00:27:09.300 --> 00:27:13.940

Can all learn from each other and like the things that you do and the things that we all do to help

00:27:14.190 --> 00:27:21.860

This community is so big and I love that. Yeah, when so random, but tell us about your dog

00:27:21.860 --> 00:27:23.790

I know this is

00:27:23.790 --> 00:27:29.300

Just subject that when you talking about your dog, I was so intrigued. So tell me about your little dog

00:27:29.300 --> 00:27:31.909

Okay, so I have a dog his name's Wally

00:27:32.910 --> 00:27:36.139

Which is hurt for walnut cupcake, but that's another side story

00:27:36.140 --> 00:27:41.030

And um, so he the Labradoodle and they're known for having food allergies

00:27:41.370 --> 00:27:48.589

So I was told he needs to eat like a gluten-free diet, um, which I the person that told me that didn't have

00:27:49.260 --> 00:27:53.840

Celiac or anything. I was always planning on giving him gluten free diet because I don't want like the crumbs

00:27:53.910 --> 00:27:57.139

Hi my hands in my pockets. I do a lot of dog training with him

00:27:58.920 --> 00:28:00.350

So anyways, so yeah

00:28:00.350 --> 00:28:02.160

he's always been gluten free and now he

00:28:02.160 --> 00:28:05.690

Doesn't if he eats like a big gluten free stuff if I take him to doggy daycare

00:28:05.760 --> 00:28:11.960

Something he gets a rash and get sick because he hasn't had it which is the reason that he's been great

00:28:12.150 --> 00:28:17.480

He's all gluten-free stuff. Lots of hot dogs and chicken and and a good stuff. I love it

00:28:17.750 --> 00:28:24.500

So yeah dog pal around and you sail around Winfrey hitting me. Yep. I love it. That is like the best

00:28:25.620 --> 00:28:27.739

You know, it's just like bringing to life

00:28:29.040 --> 00:28:35.300

Bringing to like a view to everybody else giving us a vision of like what your everyday life looks like

00:28:35.300 --> 00:28:38.810

It's so key like I just wonder. Okay. What is she eating? What is that person?

00:28:39.570 --> 00:28:41.190

Look like I think

00:28:41.190 --> 00:28:45.080

My kids want a dog and I'm like no because then we'd have to go gluten-free right now with the dog

00:28:45.080 --> 00:28:48.679

And I just I can't do that right now. I got four kids. I'm like I maxed out

00:28:48.680 --> 00:28:51.740

So for my sanity like not now, yeah later

00:28:51.780 --> 00:28:54.080

But not now and I but I just love that

00:28:54.330 --> 00:29:00.500

To envision what other people go through and then you get to do that on a one-and-one my faces all the time

00:29:00.500 --> 00:29:03.319

It's just like so Cyrenians. So awesome

00:29:03.840 --> 00:29:05.250


00:29:05.250 --> 00:29:06.080

Erin Mike

00:29:06.080 --> 00:29:11.120

it's been so fun teaming up with you and like we've done this special now for a little bit and I think

00:29:11.280 --> 00:29:13.280

Extend it a little bit further

00:29:13.310 --> 00:29:18.139

We have more people need it. We have to extend it. Yeah, I know so tell everybody what we've done

00:29:18.780 --> 00:29:19.890


00:29:19.890 --> 00:29:22.759

we have teamed up because coral has an

00:29:23.100 --> 00:29:29.180

Awesome eCourse which covers like all the emotional stuff of celiac how to clean up your kitchen like so many great

00:29:29.490 --> 00:29:33.770

Printables and just a content that you can you know kind of go through your own time

00:29:34.080 --> 00:29:41.419

Which is amazing, and there's a lot of stuff that I work with my clients with at first, so they're getting like a killer resource

00:29:42.000 --> 00:29:43.920

kind of in their pocket, so

00:29:43.920 --> 00:29:51.109

We're packaging that within a one-on-one with me to kind of cover any specific questions you have can I create a plan and together?

00:29:51.110 --> 00:29:53.599

That's just like everything you could want

00:29:53.790 --> 00:30:00.409

for being a newly diagnosed or someone that's just still struggling with celiac and who wants the emotional support in the physical support in the

00:30:00.410 --> 00:30:02.509

mental support so together we have

00:30:03.060 --> 00:30:05.060

created that

00:30:05.250 --> 00:30:11.930

And we're just kind of offering that for for the time being until slots all fill up. So that's been just so exciting

00:30:11.930 --> 00:30:17.930

I know I love that. It's been like linking up with you. I'm like, yes, it just makes sense. I love it

00:30:18.110 --> 00:30:23.450

So I'm you can go on to serving celiacs calm and on the blog post with the show notes and everything

00:30:23.450 --> 00:30:26.179

We're gonna should be linking the resources to that special

00:30:26.180 --> 00:30:28.519

If you're listening to this six months from now

00:30:28.650 --> 00:30:34.550

We may have been capped out with how many people were gonna be able to accept but we'll always like be linking up in some

00:30:34.550 --> 00:30:37.399

Form or other and so we'll always be linking up the most

00:30:38.160 --> 00:30:44.450

current deal or special or opportunity to work with Aaron individually or together with the eCourse like we

00:30:44.730 --> 00:30:51.950

Just we're here to literally help you be your best self. And so that's really fun. And I

00:30:52.770 --> 00:30:54.950

So wish I had these resources

00:30:54.950 --> 00:31:01.099

I wish I had you when we were first diagnosed because that was like some of the most confusing

00:31:02.160 --> 00:31:07.670

Days of my life and I'm not like I'm not one to get flustered or to let things get to me

00:31:08.340 --> 00:31:14.449

But like literally like I needed to have answers and where I was searching on the internet

00:31:14.450 --> 00:31:20.599

I was finding a lot of negativity and like you just have to stay home and you can never go out again

00:31:20.600 --> 00:31:25.550

And you can't go to restaurants and you this and I'm like are you kidding me? Squash all those little people?

00:31:26.250 --> 00:31:28.160

Are dead to me?

00:31:28.160 --> 00:31:32.179

Yeah, yes because we can live this life and I am just so grateful

00:31:32.640 --> 00:31:34.580

So okay Aaron tell me yeah

00:31:34.580 --> 00:31:42.439

I just have one takeaway that you can leave our little listeners here in our little celiac and gluten-free community. Yes, would it be I

00:31:43.020 --> 00:31:47.389

think we've said it a few times but it has to be like it has to be said

00:31:47.610 --> 00:31:50.689

To end it and just to drill it in is just to say positive

00:31:51.570 --> 00:31:56.540

You will if you're looking online on your own and you're googling your way if your diagnosis and your treatment

You will find people that are telling you you can't go out to eat. You can do that friends houses

You can't eat this this this this you can never do this again. You could never travel false false false

I have done it Coral has done it thousands of other celiacs have done it

It takes learning it takes education and it takes positivity. So

Don't listen to the naysayers. Don't listen the negativit

Really just stay positive with it and continue to learn and continue to just push forward

And stay patient with everything

Thank You Erin so wise so I welcome

Yeah, thank you for having me on today. Oh, I've just loved every second of it. Can we just be neighbors already?

I know we're already so close here. Now. I'm in California. So I know I know we're almost there. We're almost there

We made it halfway across the country. Yes. Alright, Erin. Have a great day

And for sure, we'll have you on again with another great hot topic for

Celiac and gluten free living. Yay. Thank you. Okay

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